Programs Offered

While every program is customized for the needs and interests of each specific group, here are a few examples:

Breaking the Rules of Modern Tribalism: It is so much more comfortable being with your “own kind.” But what are we missing, as individuals and as a society, when we simply follow the rules of “This is what we do, who we know; those are not”?

Building a Richer Society: A healthy, growing economy requires creative problem solving, innovative development, and being open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. How can we mine the wealth of our diversity to ensure our financial future?

The Creative Life: How can we strive for something beyond ourselves, for a connection that we can create between the self and the other, through art, through a considered life, through reaching beyond what is to what could be?

Reaching Across the Ethnic/​Racial Divide: An interactive workshop exploring methods to use when approaching strangers, and how to make connections when walls exist between people.

Jo Joe Reading & Book Discussion: Explore the themes of Jo Joe, including the two-way street of prejudice, family dynamics and misunderstandings, etc. Sally will also answer questions about how and why she wrote the novel.

The Winter Boy Reading & Book Discussion: Use the novel The Winter Boy as a starting point for a spirited dialog about tribalism, distrust and misunderstandings among strangers, and the roots of anger and war.

Please use the Contact form on this website to schedule a time to talk with Sally about customizing a lecture, discussion or workshop for your school, conference, book club, organization or company. Contact Cynthia[at] for volume discounts on Jo Joe and The Winter Boy.