Celebrating Our Differences

Multi-cultural diversity isn’t only a meaningful social movement;
it’s a galvanic force for growth that makes great sense.

"Our own kind.” How natural it is for all of us to feel safe and comfortable with people who look, sound and think like us. But that cocoon-like existence is static and sterile, offering us scant stimulus for growth as individuals, a community and an economy. It’s similar to pulling a cart along a well-worn, rutted path, or living with blinders on, so we can’t see the wide world around us.

However, when we listen to each other’s stories, try to view problems and potential solutions from another’s novel perspective, and even allow a stranger to lead us down an unknown path, the creative synthesis can yield wondrous, unexpected opportunities – and the great fun of a new human adventure. Where once there were only status quo dead-ends, together we can now create a fertile landscape for fresh, original ideas, new life patterns and relationships, and even innovative products and services.

Storyteller and facilitator Sally Wiener Grotta leads interesting, enlivening discussions and workshops for organizations, schools, conferences and companies, to help diverse groups seek mutual understanding and inspiration

Sally Wiener Grotta is the consummate storyteller, reflecting her deep humanism and appreciation for the poignancy of life. With her wide-ranging knowledge and experience, and her lively personable style, Sally inspires her audiences to tap into their own creativity, to ask themselves questions they might not have considered previously, and to seek new solutions together. She is an award-winning journalist, author and speaker, who has traveled on assignment to all seven continents and many exotic islands, experiencing and writing about a wide diversity of cultures and traditions.... (more)